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Desire on Fire

Oct 27, 2021

We are getting into a taboo topic today (surprise, surprise!) and it’s one that has a lot of fear and charge around it - money! In today’s episode, Jenna Black, energetic wealth & embodiment mentor, dives deep with us into wealth consciousness, empowering women to live abundantly, and the connection between wealth, abundance, jealousy, AND our sensuality. Let’s dive in for a deeper conversation around money - with the Abundance Queen!

We dive into:

  • A deeper conversation around money, abundance & jealousy, and its connection to our sexuality & sensuality!
  • How burnout led to Jenna’s spiritual awakening and a reclaiming of her body and health
  • The roots of money wounding & scarcity and embracing an attitude of approval
  • High sensation topics like money and how to identify and expand our capacity for these feelings in the body
  • The connection between emotionality and scarcity/abundance
  • Why jealousy can be such a POWERFUL tool for desire
  • Some of Jenna’s favorite tips for dropping into safety around money
  • And so much more juiciness!

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