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Desire on Fire

Apr 28, 2021

Do you feel empowered in the bedroom? Are you getting everything you desire with your partner or in sexual play with a new person? Altering that connection in the bedroom and understanding each other’s bodies can be confronting, but there are tools to help! In today’s episode, I dive into my TOP THREE practices to enhance the pleasure potential in the bedroom and get you the sex you truly desire. 

I get deep into:

  • An empowering exercise to help discover what you and your partner like (this is especially helpful if you have a difficult time sharing what you like)
  • Why taking penetration off the table can take your pleasure to a whole new level (and your partner’s too!)
  • How the practice of edging (or peaking) can stimulate sexual and orgasmic energy
  • Some of my tips for giving feedback in the bedroom (and what you have to be willing to do for this to work well!)
  • And so much more!

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